About Us

Unlike other boomerang websites that merely sell boomerangs, The Boomerang Shop methodically hand-crafts and tests all of its sport and leisure boomerangs. We put our heart and soul into each boomerang we make and sell directly to the customer! This means we can assist customers directly in choosing the right boomerangs and we can answer any question you may have about tuning and throwing with detailed information specific to each of our boomerang models. Every aspect of our production process including material selection, design, field testing, engineering, production, and final test flights is done by us alone to make sure you get the absolute best flying boomerangs on the market using the highest quality materials available.

The Boomerang Shop

Hi! I’m Mark Legg, owner of The Boomerang Shop. Back in 1983, when I was just ten years old, I convinced my mom to buy me a boomerang at our local arts and craft show in my hometown of Delaware, Ohio. That boomerang may have just been a novelty at the time but it would forever change my life and set me on a journey that has brought me to where I am today. When I got home that evening I grabbed my bicycle and headed out to the fairground field not far from my house to see if I could make that boomerang come back to me. And sure enough, after a few tries that boomerang flew through the sky and circled back to me! I was in awe! Few experiences in life are quite as magical, mysterious, and beautiful as the first time you throw a boomerang then watch it tumble through the sky, crossing the sunset, and return to you! I will never forget that moment which would become the beginning of a lifelong journey!

In the weeks and months that followed, I quickly got involved with the newly formed sport of boomerangs and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best throwers and boomerang makers in the world including Chet Snouffer, Gary Broadbent, Eric Darnell, Ted Bailey, and many others. I began designing and making my own boomerangs as early as 1985 and since then I have gone on to design and make some of the best competition ranges in the world that are used by competitors everywhere. We have also had the fortune of being able to travel the globe teaching, coaching, and competing in the sport of boomerangs. I am very privileged to also be a member of the United States Boomerang Association board of directors and a member of the International Federation of Boomerang Associations rules committee. I mention all this is so you know this is not a side project for me or a business venture in and of itself…boomerangs are my life and this web store is one of many ways that I get to share the love of boomerangs with the world. I hope you enjoy it and many happy returns.