Boomerang Presentations

Are you looking for an interesting and exciting new activity for a group event?  We have just what you need…boomerangs!  We offer informative presentations with details about the history, science, and modern sport of returning boomerangs as well as throwing demonstrations and workshop classes where participants can learn how to throw and catch boomerangs.  Information can be tailored and presented to suit any age group from younger children to teenagers to adults of any age and educated professionals.  We would love to come to your Scouting event, school program, church camp, YMCA camp, or any other group event to teach and share the magic of boomerangs and give attendees a day of fun, hands-on enjoyment that they will never forget. 

Please use the form below to tell us about your event (dates and times, location, number of participants, your contact information, etc.).  We will do our best to find an instructor in your area to introduce your group to the world of boomerangs.  We are affiliated with the United States Boomerang Association, the US Boomerang Team, and the International Federation of Boomerang Associations and will utilize a wide network of resources to connect you with someone in your region.  Thank you for your interest, and Many Happy Returns!